Shumaila's Cause

Hope for Help Foundation has conitnue to help the needy. We are working to bring the hearing for young girl Shumaila and Sharish Ahmad is the head of this project.

Shumaila Allah Dita is an 18 yr old girl who completely lost her hearing following severe typhoid attack when she was 10 years of age. She needs 1.2 Million Pakistani Rupees (7600 GBP) worth of surgery to
help her hear again, which she can't afford.

Help Shumaila Hear Again

She is a resident of Jiaga Ka Tibba - a small village near Manga Mandi 16 km away from Riawand, Lahore - Pakistan. She lives there with her family. Her father lost his sight a couple of years ago so he had to give up his work. Her mother is also old so she also cannot manage to work.


Shumaila is six siblings, two of whom are mentally disabled. Her second born brother does labor work, mainly farming, to support his family. His name is Asghar Allah Dita.

Father Mother


Asghar Allah Dita's monthly income is around 11 to 12 thousand Rupees (77 GBP), and he has 8 individuals dependent on him including two mentally disabled sisters, who are younger than Shumaila.

Shumaila came to Jinnah Hospital, Lahore with her sister Soria Iftikhar in August 2014. She was subsequently referred to an ENT specialist in Jinnah Hospital, Dr. Faheem Awan. He referred her to Dr
Nadeem Mukhtaar, who runs the Audiology Centre located in Liberty Homes, Lahore in Pakistan. He thoroughly evaluated her case for free, and gave an assessment report.

Dr Muhammad Faheem Awan overviewed the reports and both doctors are of the opinion that Shumaila is an ideal candidate for Cochlear Implant, which costs around 1.2 Million Pakistani Rupees (7600 GBP).

Dr Muhammad Faheem Awan, Associate Professor, ENT UNIT II, Jinnah Hospital, Lahore wrote in his testimonial:

Shumaila Allah Dita was perfectly alright before 2006. Then, she developed Enteric Fever (Typhoid Fever). She was taken to a private hospital in Manga Mandi, where she underwent treatment. She ultimately recovered from Enteric Fever (Typhoid Fever) in about four to five months but during the process she noticed total loss of hearing in both ears. Her doctor said that she would regain her hearing within two to three years, however, that was not the case. She consulted many doctors in the vicinity for the hearing loss which ultimately proved all in vain. She presented in ENT Department Jinnah Hospital Lahore in August 2014, where she was evaluated thoroughly and found to have severe/profound degree of hearing loss bilaterally.

As the patient had developed hearing loss after the development of speech, she can speak well with voicing errors. She is unable to hear but she has developed lip reading ability, which somehow helps the patient in communication. The patient was referred to Audiology Centre in Lahore, which confirmed the diagnosis of: “Bilateral Profound Degree of Sensorineural Hearing Loss.”

Cochlear Implant would be an ideal solution for this patient.

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Unfortunately, she cannot afford the operation due to her adverse financial conditions. So, she needs our help to hear again. Let's all come together for this noble cause.

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