Hope School Project

Hope School Project

Educate the nation

If we want to change the future of Pakistan and our nation than there is only one way which is to educate our nation. Hope for Help Foundation has planned a series of schools all over the Pakistan with first two schools in Gujar khan and Lahore.

Schools will have kinder garden to 8th standard as co-education and segregated education in 9th and 10th standard and in future we will offer O-Level and A-Level courses with full support for further college and university level education of students.

We are planning to have a latest computer lab in the school and highly qualified teacher in the school. Free books and uniforms will be provided to the students with pickup and drop service.


We are acquiring a building in Lahore for a free but high quality school for the children who can not efford to pay for the education .

GujAr Khan

We are working on our school project in a Masa Khel village of tehsil Gujar Khan, Pakistan for top quality free education for initially 300 students. Charity has already bought the land for the school.

The School is situated in Masa Khel village with the link of almost 20 more villages in Gujar Khan and idea is to pickup the children from all the villages in the morning and than drop them back in afternoon so parents do not have to worry about pick and drop problem.

Hope for Help Foundation have plans to open more schools in different area's of Pakistan

Address: Jeer Var Tial , Gojer Khan, Rawalpindi, Pakistan
Total area: 2125 yards (4 kanal 10 marla)
Total land cost: £6166.00 (PKR 832,500)

Sponsoring a Single Child: £25/month or £300/year (PKR 3,500/month, PKR 40,000/year)
Full school built cost: £37,000 (PKR 50,00,000)
One full class room: £3,000 pounds (PKR 400,000)
(50000 bricks  200000, 150 cement bags 60000 pkr , sand 50000 pkr , labour)

Please give your zakat and sadqaat to "Hope for Help Foundation" and help building the school for the future of Pakistan.

Donations can be transferred directly to the hope for help foundation’s HSBC bank account

Sort code: 40 25 27
Account no. 22101424


Send us the cheque payable to "Hope for Help Foundation"
608 Longbridge Road, Dagenham, Essex, RM8 2AJ


Donate online via donation page.

Hope School Project Hope School Project

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