Ramadan (2010) Food Project

Ramadan 2010 Food Project

UPDATE: ALHAMDULILLAH by the grace of Allah and your help we have successfully provided ramadan food packages to 300 families in Pakistan. Each package contains 20 kg Flour, 3 kg Ghee (Clarified Butter), 1 kg Lentils, 1 kg Dates, 1 kg Gram Flour.

Also, with your continues help we continue to provide iftari to 100 people every day in Gojar Khan.

Ramadan is knocking at our door and it’s a duty of all the Muslim to look after their Muslim brother and sister especially in Ramadan as every Muslim have the right to celebrate the Ramadan like all other does.

Idea is to provide around 500 deserving households a package containing

20 kg flour, 5 kg cooking oil, 5 kg sugar, 1 kg basin and 1 kg dates along with 500 rupees

Total cost per package would be 2500 rupees equal to 20 pounds

Please give your zakat and sadqaat to "Hopes for help foundation" soon as possible, ideally before the Ramadan 2010 starts i.e before 10 august 2010 so our volunteer on ground can provide the food to deserving people and make their Ramadan as good as ours.

You could help as much families as you want but one family will have a good Ramadan for just 20 pounds which we spend in one food meal of our family.

Donate generously for this great cause as we can not even imagine the reward for helping one Muslim for one roza.

Donations can be transferred directly to the hope for help foundation’s HSBC bank account

Sort code: 40 25 27
Account no. 22101424


Send us the cheque payable to "Hope for Help Foundation"
608 Longbridge Road, Dagenham, Essex, RM8 2AJ


Donate online via donation page.

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