Pakistan Flood Relief

Pakistan Flood Relief

Devastating flood has wiped out thousand of villages from the land of Pakistan making over 6 million people displaced over 1600 dead , the victims of flood are hoping for your help to survive and its our obligation to save the humanity so please come forward and help the poor people at the best of your capacity.

Hope for help foundation’s volunteer has travelled to Pakistan and helping on the ground by providing food and basic necessities of life.

we are providing a food  package containing 20 kg flour, 5 kg cooking oil, 5 kg sugar, rice etc. Total cost per package would be 3000 rupees equal to 25 pounds approx. People there need the medicines, camps, transport on a urgent bases.

This is the biggest flood of Pakistan history and one of the biggest in the world and damage of over 10billion pounds. The damage by this super flood beyond the human imaginations.

Please give your zakat and sadqaat to "Hopes for help foundation" soon as possible, so we can provide the maximum relief in affected areas.

You could help as much families as you want but one family will have a food for just 25 pounds.

Donate generously for this great cause as we cannot even imagine the reward for helping one Muslim.

  • Food for a family 25 pounds
  • Hygiene kit 20 pounds
  • Tent for a family 150 pounds
  • Medical camp 2000 pounds

Donations can be transferred directly to the hope for help foundation’s HSBC bank account

Sort code: 40 25 27
Account no. 22101424


Send us the cheque payable to hope for help foundation

608 Longbridge Road, Dagenham, Essex, RM8 2AJ

Jazak Allah Kher


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